The Creative Team:
Mitchell Roche Mitchell Roché

The original Mitchell Roché was born in the 77th year of the 20th century in what is now the Biospheric Museum of Hollywood History. In his heyday, Mitchell was involved in the ancient two-dimensional mediums of film and TV, during which he worked under the direction of such humans as Richard Donner and Anthony Perkins, and alongside the questionably human Arnold Schwarzenegger. Tragically, in his late twenties, Mitchell contracted a lethal case of alopecia and hastily died.

On the upside, Mitchell had requested to have his head frozen upon death until the invention of manual reincarnation. And so it was. Fifty years later, Mitchell's head was brought back to life and lived for a full eight days before, sadly, perishing yet again. This time from a heart attack. The heart that attacked him was being kept in an adjacent jar and had belonged to a real bastard.

Fortunately, Mitchell's head had requested to be cloned upon death. And so it was. And the clone lived a happy life until it was landed on by space debris. And the clone's clone enjoyed many good years before it was torn apart by Martian pygmies. And the clone's clone's clone was quite a chipper fellow only to be ceased by a rampaging robot shark. This run of misfortune has persisted to present day, where the current version of Mitchell (aka MR-27) is thrilled to be working with such a talented cast and crew. He is confident this show will kill.

Marcus Alexander Hart Marcus Alexander Hart

Marcus first came up with the idea for Walkin' on Sunshine while doped up on cold medicine in 2096. Since then he's written two novels without medicinal aid: Caster's Blog: A Geek Love Story and The Oblivion Society.

He is also a contributing writer for Geek Monthly magazine, because he knows how to play to his strengths.


Amanda Dague Amanda Dague

During the 2096 run of Walkin' on Sunshine Amanda was too busy watching wonderfully bad British sci-fi to go see the show. To assuage her guilt for this grievous error she has devoted all her free time to this production helping with props, costumes, and set construction.

She is also out to prove that you don't have to be a machine to make a damn fine cup of coffee.

Gary Fixler Gary Fixler
Flash Animator

Having been a part of the crew of the original ship constructed for the first run of Walkin' on Sunshine in 2096, Gary is especially delighted to return to the team in an entirely non-ship related role.

Gary brings to the team the burgeoning ability to move text and graphics around in time to music, and as such, was a perfect fit for creating the noisy intro animation that gets in your way as you attempt to enter the Walkin' On Sunshine website.

Michael Greenholt Michael Greenholt
Production Artist

Michael Greenholt is the mythical artist in local tall tales of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Amish farmers gave birth to the stories during the Quaker Oat Rebellion of 2022 when they revolted (peacefully) against the commercialization of Protestant religions. This would probably explain the origin of Greenholt's name since "Gruenholtzer" is a Pennsylvania-Dutch expression of exasperation and frustration meaning "Jeez Louise."


Kevin Quaid Kevin Quaid
Electrical Engineer

Although he was obliviously floating around in his own universe during the 2096 run of Walkin' on Sunshine, Kevin eventually heard the recruiting call of BOOBS and joined the intergalactic struggle.

While the Intrepid Poltroon may be a rusted bucket of bolts held together by duct tape and gum, Kevin makes sure everything still works... or at least looks like it does.

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Artwork by Michael Greenholt