Meet the cast:
Gretchen Enders Gretchen Enders
as Admiral Destiny Quest MacRockette

Gretchen Enders is the only daughter of corn-fed giants. She spent her formative years a mile-high in the ancient Coloradan Territories. At the age of 18, she escaped to the Emerald City and began her studies for a career in the high-paying and well-respected field of Art History. When money and power became too much of a burden she headed south to The City of Angels in order to pursue a life of quiet meditation and inner reflection.

After the Starlon rebellion of 2101 Gretchen heeded the call to arms, showing an incredible inaptitude for hand-to-hand combat, laser targeting, and trash talking. But occasionally she made her fellow soldiers laugh so they offered her the stage and have been unsuccessful in getting her off of it ever since.

Gretchen would like to thank most of the people involved with the project who have been wonderful to work with and who will most certainly be lifelong friends. The others can go flark themselves—you know who you are.

Eileen Fogarty Eileen Fogarty
as Sheila Tidepool (2006)

Eileen is a product of the highly-competitive-technically-advanced Singapore school system. As a result, she is emotionally-stunted... just like her character, Sheila.

In an effort to remedy the problem, she traveled the universe and lived on Starlon-free planets such as Germany, Bosnia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong, but to no avail. People still call her crazy, but "good crazy."

Fogarty has now embraced her emotional childishness, and chooses to use it for good instead of evil on stage and TV. Eileen has appeared somewhat normal in several national commercials and TV shows.

Katrina Gourley Katrina Gourley
as Sheila Tidepool (2007)

This little hurricane hails from New Jersey. After being programmed for Thespian Duties at Stockton College, Katrina hovered across the beautiful US of A in her high tech '86 Chevy temporal portal device and landed in sunny Los Angeles to put her programming to good use. She has been seen improvising with Patterson at Bang Comedy Theater and in the award-winning indie flick Purgatory House.

Katrina thanks the her inter-galactic supporters: Ted and Marlene Gourley, Tim Maloof, Cindy Baer, Erica Shaffer and all others in her celestial bosom for their continuous encouragement.

Jason Grimley Jason Grimley
as Dr. Quartz Chronos

Jason arrived in Los Angeles in 2091 after his home state, New Jersey, broke and sunk to the bottom of the ocean in the earthquake of 2090. He graduated from the last class at Rowan State University, NJ , which was converted to deep sea station 221 in 2093.

Once in Los Angeles he studied improvisational theater at the bang. theater as well as IO West. Other productions at bang. includeThe Big Show, How To Be Very Very Popular, The Deconstruction, 60 Minutes and Ka-Blam! He has performed improv all over the city including, The Hothouse, IO West, The Derby, and The Knitting Factory.

He was nominated for an LA Weekly Theater award in 2104 for his work in the Lodestone/Orphans Theater production of When Tigers Smoked Long Pipes.

Eric Jeske Eric Jeske
as Donnie Cathode

Eric is in the improv comedy group Box of Wolves, Friday nights at IO West. He is the same physical type as Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Eric wagered that if he never submitted a bio the web designer would write one for him.

He wagered correctly.

Thomas Krajewski Thomas Krajewski
as Captain Roger Raybann

Tom was born a hologram to wealthy hobos in the year 2077, in Boston, MA. When the Holoholocaust of 2092 became all the rage, he realized life was too short to sit around watching Ghostbusters all day... every day... alone. So he set out to follow that dream we all have—the one where you're in sixth-period physics class wearing nothing but underwear and everyone's laughing at you—and he succeeded in making that dream come true. More than a few times.

Relishing in his classmates' laughter, he sought more through this whole "acting" stuff, eventually portraying J.F.K. in the TV mini-series The Kennedys of Massachusetts (where he still got laughs, even though it was a serious drama). He graduated from Emerson College with a degree in film, and now writes cartoons for Nickelodeon, Disney and Cartoon Network. He's also a great lover and is very modest about it.

Sandy Mooney Sandy Mooney
as The NeuralNurse

Sandy was first developed from parts found in the recycling bin behind Naughty Neural's. You know, the pleasure supply store on EVERY corner. She was then trained and put to work as a showgirl on the famous resort planet of Voz Leggas. In the middle of the stage show Magic Hands, a Virtual Reality, a pyrotechnic effect went terribly wrong and changed her life forever. Now she spends her space-time infinity roaming the universe in search of true love.


Ryan Morris Ryan Morris
as Quatloo Tristar

"Rascally" Ryan Morris was disbursed from his mother's loins in 2073 in a far off, primitive land called Delaware. Lacking an interest in both teenage fatherhood and crop rotation, Ryan moved to California to pursue screenwriting instead. After a six-year hiatus of pot smokin', coffee drinkin', and geetar playin', Ryan recently completed his first feature length screenplay, Above Average Joes, and keeps talking about writing something else.

When asked if he identified with his character, Quatloo, Ryan responded, "Well, he is me... just inside out."

Fran Nichols Frances Nichols
as Grand High Galactic Poobah Phyllis Leadbucket

Fran was born in the year 2072 to loving parents who—realizing that their hands were too full with their photon chryomatic development zygotes—left Fran in the care of the wind. She's been blown all over the place... by the wind... boy you have a dirty mind... and wound up in sunny Los Angeles.

She loves her dog and cat and doesn't allow animal testing on them so don't even ask. Also don't ask what photon chryomatic development zygotes are. She's still really sore about that. She found a way to parlay that bitterness into her character, Poobah Leadbucket.

Fran hopes to one day be 184 years old herself.

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