Watch the 2007 cast perform Walkin' on Sunshine.

Mission Dossier:
When a doomsday weapon capable of vaporizing the entire universe falls into the hands of a suicidal 184-year-old woman, humanity's only hope for survival lies with a satellite repair man, a student intern, an extra-terrestrial pervert, a mad scientist, a fanatical soldier, and a blond bombshell with a secret agenda.

Lost in space on a derelict spaceship traveling at the impossible speed of light, the crew must contend with a malfunctioning time machine and a robotic saboteur who can transplant brains with a touch of her fingertips.

Smart, sexy, and relentlessly fast-paced, this show's comedy runs the gamut from Einsteinian physics to gratuitous booby jokes. Walkin' on Sunshine is like an episode of Three's Company written by Stephen W. Hawking!

Walkin' on Sunshine
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A Brief History of Walkin' on Sunshine:
The sci-fi stage play Walkin' on Sunshine was originally written in 1996, and was first produced in the fall of that year by the S.T.A.R. student theater group of Sarasota, Florida.

Ten years later, bang. comedy theater brought Sunshine back to the stage with the completely reimagined "tenth orbit" edition seen in the video above.

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